Are you a business still doing the time-consuming task of pricing your product and managing your material ordering plus factory? We have seen a multitude of ways businesses come up with their prices which some seem less than appropriate as they simply don’t reflect the true time it takes to produce their product they are producing on a case by case basis. We have seen everything from counting sheets to counting the linear meter, Are you a business coming up with a best guess number, but if you make a change it all comes undone as the price is simply not reflecting the product or factory environment and what's happening during the manufacture of that particular product. Work smarter and faster with digital intelligence by subscribing to Cabnetlink for pricing of your products with time and management of your business.

Give intelligence to your business with Cabnetlink.com

Cabnetlink is a powerful sales, management application tool for the Kitchen and Joinery industries developed to strengthen an enhance your business front end, This application automates the sales and management tasks providing better job pricing by calulating time. Speed and accuracy with premium data transfer, Its offered as a subscription cloud-based application that's for kitchen, joinery manufacturers. Cabnetlink will produce true accurate manufacturing data and professional looking documents providing high degrees of affordable business sales and factory information automation. Cabnetlink works with Google's Gmail for up to 2 user's and up to 30 user's if with Gsuite. In today's climate software should be easy and we have designed the application to be a unique interactive experience helping you to actively stay in control of your business by knowing what's going on with every aspect at any one time.

Cabnetlink will enable you to with ease to create a fast beautiful detailed price, Interactive estimates, quotes, purchase orders, invoice machining times and manage your factory, and stock levels with tomorrows digital technology.

Cabnetlink will be your supermarket and your checkout, Enabling you to create and sell plus manage your products automatically with ease!

Cabnetlink Document Builder

Cabnetlink Document Builder

Produce powerful interactive estimates and quotes integrated with your website. You are able to automatically link products and web-pages built within your created documents. Making them interactive means you can direct your customers to where you want them to go. With Cabnetlink you can create more precise better-looking quotes than your competitors using our document builder where all information from your job is brought to a sidebar for your use. The document builder has a built-in email, print and duplicate function which makes it possible for document copies to be forwarded to other sources simultaneously if needed. Our application has built-in Google maps for taking care of adding freight if you require. The email system has an easy sent report display making documents easy to track. The cherry on the top is you can add items to your page with a select and double click system which is just too easy. "Coming soon" Create powerful media movie Estimates and Quotations from the document builder.

Cabnetlink Machine center

Cabnetlink Machine center

Add accuracy to your price by being able to price the difficult things like your cnc machine or panel saw. The machining center will create an accurate presentation of machine price because it applies formulation of machine speeds, parts cut, cutter travel,+  material handling times. To form an accurate price you must first have control of your factory machines by knowing what's occurring before them, with them and after them.
Machines brands currently available more to come 80 machines total!

Cabnetlink Inventory

Cabnetlink Cloud Inventory

Manage your job and factory stock levels like a pro, Work faster and smarter by integrating with your vendors directly into your pricing system. 
Cabnetlink will manage your stock and products with a intelligent built-in inventory that can manage time as well. The inventory also populates an automated orders sheet every time it is automatically triggered by Cabnetlink making it easy for you to track any ordered items. The inventory database manages the cost and takes care of all the markup for individual items, Because it's faster to make changes needed in our application. It will also manage a range of other items like Cabinets, Parts making it possible to price multiple items in a matter of seconds. If your a company that buys products in kits, Our inventory can filter complex ordering to produce orders of kits of products if required, Get in contact with us for any tips to set this up better. "Coming soon" Complete integration of the inventory with your vendor's online services for a fully autonomous smart system. Let your vendors manage your internal pricing.

Export data

Cabnetlink can export the automated price and customer plus job details it will create for your projects to one of three popular accounting software platforms. Send deposit amounts, Factory credit amounts, Balance payment amounts or total payment amounts.

Quickbooks Online

Cabnetlink material orders

Cabnetlink enables the user to make purchase orders like a pro, The purchase orders are automatically filed with their respective job folders by Cabnetlink. Because of the advanced automation technology Cabnetlink offers, It's possible to Remap your companies processes where a designer can order materials for their own projects because of the level of accuracy our application offers which will reduce your lead manufacturing times. The ordering system is linked to our job edit function as well so when your designers or sales edit and change job items and details the job order will also change which means you will order right everytime. The automated Po order system can be configured to filter and produce complex kit orders of certain products if required as well.

Cabinet center and optimizer

Cabnetlink offers a cabinet creation center with built-in material schedules and panel optimizer. You can build cabinets with all the materials needed included, our system will optimize the cabinets as well to offer complete accurate pricing, machining and manufacturing duration times. There is a smart search function where you can search your library with keywords. The Library can hold thousands of different cabinets if needed. Everything you build will also work for detailed product purchase ordering due to our system having an inbuilt product store.

Cabnetlink Easy setup

Free Consignment pro

Consignment Pro offers inwards goods and material tracking for free to our users. Consignment Pro will induct your materials into your Cabnetlink cloud-based inventory and record all the details of the transaction with the job file in your Google drive. Consignment Pro will also automatically notify your vendors when you introduce their delivered materials into your Cabnetlink inventory so they will know they have had a successful delivery.

Cabnetlink Add or Edit items.

Any business that is manufacturing Kitchens and Case good products knows that having the ability to add items and edit items on the fly is a must-have feature, We realized this so build in smart features where Cabnetlink will ask you before building your quote would you like to add anything or you can edit things, Swap out panel colors, draws etc. Add and change things easy and fast, Changes to a job starts an amendment chain (Blockchain of the change data) any amendments to items will also change your purchase orders automatically, you can also embed the chain into your quotations to note changes for the customer. Click save and Cabnetlink will recompute your job making sure these items are not missed. Anything added will be made available in the document builder automatically to be used on your quotes if necessary. The user can also use Cabnetlink while present with your customers because of the portability the application offers. Change out parts, drawers, colors or whatever is needed to secure a customer, know where you're at fast. You can add freight, Items, Additional labor, Add a discount, Add a paint price calculation per m2, Add inventory items or use a price book for those regular customers.


Cabnetlink Scheduler

Use our smart scheduler technology that will capture everything that is happening in your business. subscribe to our scheduler it will automatically start working by scraping your data and forwarding it to the Google calendar depending on what you are doing. The scheduler is also fully collaborative technology where all documents and Google drive technology is fully connected.


Premium business application tool for Kitchen and Joinery business's to power your business with tomorrows digital intelligence technology.

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