About Cabnetlink

About Cabnetlink

Designed as a powerful tool to automate those regular tasks like pricing your product and producing clear attractive looking interactive documents with ease, manage your material ordering or automate a large percentage of your daily routine, Cabnetlink will provide the foundation. Ordering your stock has never been easier or pricing freight using maps. The software is designed to directly integrate vendors and companies, Can pair companies using a case goods software called Cabinet Vision for the creation, migration of cloud-based automatic pricing, business management, purchase orders, and systematic filing of data within a Google cloud drive. This application will scan one exported csv file or multiple csv's in seconds that Cabinet Vision produces created by us enabling the users to reach high levels of automation in Kitchen and Joinery based manufacturing companies. Companies can also use manually to price and manage if tendering work with out the need to draw.


Change the way your company currently operates by using lean concepts and calculating time:

Have you considered a system where your designer can design, Price, and order all the materials required using time, With Cabnetlink this is possible, Your designer can have the confidence once their job is accepted to click the Cabnetlink Accept button and letting an automated system do all the ordering to all your vendors? 

The massive benefits of running Cabnetlink is it has been tested at being 87% faster and 47% more efficient than other legacy methods and 100% smarter because it calculates time. Reduce throughput times by being able to order products in advance for production as well.

Operating as a company and collaboration with colleagues is advanced, making it easy to know what needs to be done with anything in Cabnetlink.

Use built-in vendor products lists for full integration with your vendors, price updates become super easy.

It's been designed to work as:


A subscription application where you can build cabinets in your Cabnetlink library and use them for automating your business pricing, ordering, stock management. Can also pair autonomously with Cabinet Vision version Solid 9, Solid 10 and Solid 11, level minimum required, All you need is a reports section.

This app can run independant as a standalone ERP total management system or can pair with Cabinet Visions reports export facility with a specifically designed report to power Cabnetlink, available as one data csv text export.

This application is suited to companies that are using cnc routing machines and other machining types like saws. It has a machine center and built-in optimizer to calculate your machine movements to formulate fast pricing, documents, filing. Getting started with Cabnetlink Is as easy as having a Google account Gmail for 1-2 user's or starting a Gsuite account for up to 30 users just install our web-based app from the chrome web store and select your user qty in the admin licensing module and install your users G suite emails. In your Cabinet Vision, you will need to install two pkg files designed by us If you are unsure about how to go about this just email us as we can provide remote assistance to help. Cabnetlink is also offered as a free 1-month trial to see if its right for you. You should also take the time to set up your Material database with actual clear wording about what the products loaded are and who they are Supplied by. Because Cabnetlink is web based the better the items description the better Cabnetlink will work with hyperlinks and automated purchase orders. For any tips please just get in contact with us.

Can Cabnetlink work with other design applications or without:
Cabnetlink will function as a standalone system because it has a built in optimizer or can pair with, Any other applications, they just need a data export function and the ability to customize the export fields. If you have another application and are interested, please make contact. Cabnetlink will also work without any connected design applications.

What is the cost of Cabnetlink:
Cabnetlink costs $1,30 Nzd per day per user, A user is one person, We believe by using our full system you can have savings for that user of up to 35 minutes per day. Also, our application has some super powerful features like no other to give users technology for a sales edge. To find out more just check out our service terms.

How does Cabnetlink price your projects:
Cabnetlink costs your projects by calculating time to form duration times for each small process, Computing your machines speed, cutting distance and duration times, parts fitting times even for the most complex job you may undertake every process can be captured. Computing your materials and freight distance, It will check minimum charge rates on a process to make sure your price is the best it will be and allow you to add extra things after if needed like additional labor for bespoke custom jobs or additional products from your inventory. The application has a level of intelligence like no other application by having the advantage of Google machine learning and resources.

How does Cabnetlink manage your data:
Our application can scan or create your project. Also making all information available for all documents thereafter. Once your project is waiting for an acceptance from your clients or has been accepted we have an advanced search and purge function which will locate any old data and delete it, this keeps your system fresh and fast. This function does not delete any created documents as these are automatically stored for life in a cloud drive.

Constant innovation and development:
We are constantly innovating our application with new more powerful features targeting areas like sales and material ordering and management to bring you the most technologically advanced application. Because you're a subscriber you will get the constant updates free of charge. Cabnetlinks development is driven not just by us but also its users forwarding their ideas to us.

Support and connection setups:
We have speedy support in two different time zones worldwide. We also have an independent parent company that can offer a professional connection to Cabnetlink if you simply want the hassle-free speedy setup and training to get started and going.

Fast and efficient information transfer:
Electronic documents have two huge advantages: ease of retrieval and access. Unlike paper files that must be searched manually and often by memory, Electronic files can be retrieved using key IMP numbers included in either the file name for distributed work teams no matter where the documents or person is located.
With Cloud storage, Documents can be retrieved from mobile devices as well as office computers, Providing greater more powerful flexibility. For this reason, digital is preferred for distributed work teams. A good example is a client or organized records, such as job records that need to be shared among a geographically diverse workgroup or production sector, Files can be shared only with the required personal or customers accredited to have access. Data files can have to date notes made instantly simultaneously against them.

Powerful for sales:
Use our application to advance your sales faster and more accurate, Sell more with greater detail. We have pioneered a new amendment chain technology which enables Cabnetlink users to Swap and amend items on the fly while with your customers. Every change that the user makes instantly updates any prices and automatically updates all purchase orders for a particular job. Every change the user makes is systematically recorded with a date linked together as a visual chain in our system so that users can sell without losing track of color changes, handles and draw changes prices and can get it done quickly. Never order anything incorrectly ever again, Everything can also be embedded into your Quotes so your customers know exactly what they have asked for.

Lean concept system:
The belief and core idea behind Cabnetlink are to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources. Eliminating waste along entire value streams, instead of at isolated points creates processes that need less human effort, less space, less capital and less time to make products and services at far fewer costs and with much fewer defects, compared to traditional business systems. With our application companies are able to respond to changing customers desires with a high variety, high quality, low cost and with very fast throughput times. Also with this application information management becomes much simpler and more accurate because we have developed our own blockchain data type system.

Recent case study:
Recently we had a customer conduct a case study to answer two questions "Can Cabnetlink price my product" and " How much faster is this application than what I am presently doing". Even though our application does a mass of other time-saving functions, they are of little benefit if you cant firstly produce an accurate representation of price automatically on a well-engineered template. The key to any business or companies growth is selling faster plus more efficient and effective. 

The investigation of the case study was done with deep analysis which was far greater than we would have expected. The test was to price 10 random projects imported, the pricing speed and efficiency were tested against the previous system that had been used. No other functions were even looked at within our application, only the pricing part, the results were amazing at 87% faster and 47% more efficient. We think that if every function had been tested that our application currently does the results would yield well over 100% for both speed and efficiency.

We were also able to tune our applications pricing accuracy into between 1.3% and 2.3% of their current pricing, Cabnetlink does not make mistakes and can price multiple jobs sequentially. 

Don't just produce paper with a price on it, give and drive your customers with a sales proposal.

Environmentally focused:
Cabnetlink is committed to the environment and environmentally friendly sustainable systems and manufacturing. Business plays a key role in how we treat our environment, 40% of waste is paper pollution, that finds its way to landfills, by using a smart application by default you are helping your environment, "It's also is a great promotional selling point for any company of the care and responsibility they take towards the environment".


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